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  • Cost
    The total cost of earning your real estate license, again, will vary depending on your state’s requirements. You may have to pay for: • Pre-licensing class - $475 • License application fees - $100 • State licensing exam fees - $164 • Background check fees • Fingerprinting fees - $45
  • Understanding the real estate licensing process
    Before you can become an agent, you need to become licensed. Depending on the pre-licensing program you choose and your dedication to your studies, this process could take weeks or months. The requirements for real estate licensing vary widely from state to state. Some states require a certain level of education, and/or a certain number of credit hours in real estate coursework, before you can take your licensing exam.
  • Getting your real estate license: a roadmap
    Understand eligibility requirements There is no national standard real estate licensing checklist. Each state sets its own requirements. You may face residency restrictions, requirements for pre-licensing coursework, and a lot of paperwork. You may have to complete various training programs, go through a background check, be fingerprinted, and show proof of employment with a sponsor or managing broker/ brokerage. Other eligibility requirements that differ from state to state include: • Education requirements • Hours of coursework minimums • On-the-job training requirements • Exam pass rates • Proof of employment with a sponsor or managing broker/brokerage • Errors and omissions insurance
  • Pre-licensing education
    All states require some type of real estate pre-licensing education. Once you complete your coursework, you will have to pass a state administered exam in order to continue. Some states require you to have a certain number of hours of on-the-job training in addition to your pre-licensing coursework. Students who take exam preparation courses are more likely to pass the final state licensing exam on their first try. Consider test prep products like those from Real Estate Express, which allow you to practice real-life test questions from your state’s exam, give you pointers on how to conquer the math section, and more.
  • Choose the right pre-licensing school
    Be sure to choose a real estate licensing school that is accredited in your state. You’ll need a copy of your certificate of completion or your transcripts in order to complete your license application. You’ll also want to ensure that the school provides the types of classes that best suit your learning style. Do you want an online course or an in-classroom experience? Do they have a quick study program, or will you be studying for months?
  • Take the real estate license exam
    In most cases, a third party—not your real estate licensing school—will administer your licensing exam. Your local real estate board should be able to direct you to the appropriate testing center. It’s important that you confirm that the testing center you’re using has been approved to administer the test. You will need to pass both the national and state portions of the exam, which can be taken together in some states, in order to get your license.
  • The application process
    Only after you have met all requirements and passed your real estate license exam can you apply for a real estate license. You will need to know the application deadline in your particular state, and whether or not you will need to show proof of errors and omissions (E&O) insurance before you apply
  • More Prelicensing Questions
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    Activate With Young + Co. Extra Step For Transfers Terminate Affiliation with previous brokerage
  • 4. Activate Local MLS (Canopy)
    New Brokers | Subcriber Request for Canopy MLS (Powerform) Transfers | MLS Request Form Send a copy to and
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  • Pre-Licensing
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    Pre Licensing Classes $350-600 Canopy MLS $350-600 Realtor Supplies $350-600 etc
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    Here at Young and company (YC) we pride ourselves on creating an ecosystem and culture-based entrepreneurship work ethic, efficiency, and transparency with one goal in mind: Getting S**t Done! YC is different from your traditional real estate firm. We’ve taken a different approach to meeting the real estate needs of our agents and our community. WE’VE GONE HYRBID! What does this mean for you? No more traditional real estate. YC has taken the time to craft tools & resources that allow our agents more flexibility, a chance to own your own schedule and the ability to make a greater impact. We've created a culture allowing you to excel in a changing market without the "fluff" while allowing you to keep your profits. So, we welcome you to the YC experience, where real estate meets change.
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    We believe that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs should go back to the core of their existence: finding, creating, and facilitating solutions to social challenges that affect us all. Our goal is to make meaningful entrepreneurship the new normal. To achieve this, we start up new businesses, help existing ones to scale up, transform large companies into meaningful enterprises and invest in existing ventures. We want to achieve impact through collective entrepreneurship.
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